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Ewan Hopkins

Sales Manager

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Giedrius Moncevicius

Project Manager

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Max Gerhards

Growth Hacker

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Arminas Grigonis

Senior software engineer

The heart & soul of any service is the team behind it. We believe we have an experienced, passionate and balanced one. Together we cover sales, project management, growth hacking and software development to make sure we can deliver a smooth and superior experience.

We come from the software development industry and are ready to share all the know-how acquired. Our geographic spread let’s us focus on working with partners in Lithuania and Eastern Europe as well serve the clients in United Kingdom, Germany, other European regions and the whole world. We are citizens of the world. We are born global.

We love socializing, we love simply hearing people’s stories, so feel free to ping us regarding any software development need. It would be a pleasure to connect 🙂


Iboria stands for the Nordic values in software development, cooperation and life in general. “Boria” translated from the latin language means “northern” or “nordic”. It’s exactly the values of the Northern European countries, which comprise the essence of how we imagine the software industry should work. It should be all about transparency, credibility, cooperation and value maximisation through the whole value chain. It should be about specialization and experts of their field. It should be about personal touch, attention to details and serving each client/project individually. Iboria removes the unnecessary middlemen and lights up the value chain with transparency.

The iboria story started with four team members having a great passion for tech and software development. We have great faith in it. We believe that tech and software products make the world a better place and actually is the driver of much of the global progress. With pride and dignity we feel contributing to our lovely planet, societies and everyday people’s lives by simply helping to get software & products done. The more tech, the better we all live. This idea keeps us passionate about the industry and our everyday job. That’s our purpose!

The iboria story also includes the team members to be working in the software development industry and experiencing similar problems over and over again. We have witnessed many failed projects, mismanaged expectations and frustrated clients. We’ve lived through cases where exceeding the budgets and deadlines by 100% was a norm. We’ve been there when developers simply stopped working and responding. A task of finding the right software developer seemed easy at the first glance, yet our different experience revealed it to be difficult, time consuming and most importantly having great impact on the final result (product delivery, updates, sales, profitability). Sharing all of the above, we decided to combine our experience, passion and talent to develop our way of delivering software projects with the core emphasis on the finding THE RIGHT ONES. They should be found and hired based on the suitability of their profile (values, services, geography), experience (portfolio, clients), engagement types, communication standards, pricing and many other criteria. Data-driven personal service is what we believe in. Getting software done – it’s what iboria helps you.

So let’s make the world a better place, let’s build more tech 🙂